Welcome to my ULV Faculty Web Site. It is currently under revision and update. I hope you find the changes interesting and helpful. Please return from time to time to follow the course of its evolution.

My Current Status:
  • Emeritus Professor of Zoology & Environmental Science since retiring from full-time teaching in 2005.
  • Occasional part-time teaching at college level and volunteering in outdoor education.

Academic Degrees:
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • M.S., Oregon State University
  • B.S., Oregon State University


  • Assessment & management of aquatic ecosystems in local watersheds
  • Place-based environmental education
  • Collaboratively examining the interplay between science and other disciplines
  • Exploring inner landscapes through meditation and self-reflection
  • Plankton photomicrography
  • Creative writing—Autobiographical and reflective essays

by this stream,
I realized
all my years
of studying and teaching biology
have been preparing me
to place a small black water beetle
in the upturned palm
of a young blind boy.
                                Dan Merritt May 2012

Creative writing-- Autobiographical and reflective essays