Curriculum Vitae

Jay H. Jones

Department of Biology, University of La Verne
1950 Third Street, La Verne, CA 91750

Office: (909) 593-3511 ext. 4040, 4601 S'cy, or 4774 Lab



Indiana University, Plant Sciences (minor Geology) 1984, Ph.D.
Indiana University, Biological Sciences 1979, M.A.
Southern Illinois University, Botany 1976, M.S.
Southern Illinois University, Biological Sciences (in education)1975, B.S.
Southern Illinois University, Microbiology and Botany
     (double major, minor Chemistry)
1973, B.A.


Professor of Biology and Biochemistry, University of La Verne, 1996-Present;
Associate Professor, 1989-1996 (tenured, 1991), (Acting Chair of Biology, 1990), Assistant Professor, 1986-1989

Courses Taught NaSc 101Life Science: The Human Environment
  (Including: Web Based, Distance Learning sections)
 NaSc 103Natural Science: The Human Environment (co-taught)
 NaSc 201General Geology
 NaSc 399Independent Studies (Historical Geology)
 Core 310Intercultural Experience
  Core 340Towards a Sustainable Planet: Ethnobotany
  (Including: a hybrid format section)
 Core 340Towards a Sustainable Planet: Tropical Biol. of Costa Rica
 Core 340 Towards a Sustainable Planet: On the cusp of the Homogenozoic (Ecuador - Amazon/Galapagos, Belize, Guatemala)
  Core 340Towards a Sustainable Planet: Ecology and Religion
 Biol 202General Biology II (majors, infra-organismal)
 Biol 204Plant Science
  Biol 302Microbiology
 Biol 310Cell Biology
 Biol 313Developmental Biology (co-taught)
  Chem 314Biochemistry
 Chem 315Advanced Biochemistry
 Biol 326Natural History of Baja California
 Biol 345Immunology
  Biol 361Plant Physiology
 NaSc 370Science Seminar
 Biol 374Science and Society
 Honors 320Interdisciplinary seminar III: Intro. to the 21st century
 Biol 378Evolution and Biosystematics
 Biol 379Research Methods and Biostatistics
 Biol 381Biological Methods
 Biol 399Independent Studies (Paleobotany)
  Biol 499Senior Thesis/Project (co-taught)


Director of the ULV Microscopy and Imaging Center B (2003-present)

Sepphoris Acropolis Archeological Excavation, Summer 2000, Faculty/staff - Archeobotanist

Consultant (NASA/Lockheed), Spring 1990, Spring 1991 - Geobotanical Remote Sensing

Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana Univ./Purdue Univ. - Indianapolis, Summer, 1986

Course taught: N107 Introductory Zoology

Senior Research Geobotanist, ARCO Exploration Technol., 1984-1985 (consult. 1986-1987)

  • Conducted organic phytochemical, floristic, plant pathological, and trace metal studies to detect changes in geological substrates and microseepage related alteration
  • Supervised contract greenhouse studies to determine the effects of soil applied metals and gaseson plant growth and trace metal content
  • Designed, conducted and interpreted experiments to assess plant related variables for remote sensing applications
  • Established a laboratory for physiological and anatomical studies including equipment selection, installation and operation; designed a three room histology-physiology laboratory
  • Supervised laboratory personnel in the preparation and analysis of geobotanical samples


Naturalist, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Summer, 1982 - Developed a floral inventory of the Davis Bayou area, developed and conducted interpretive programs with emphasis on coastal and estuarine ecology, edited and revised interpretive literature.

Instructor of Biology, Ripon College (Ripon, Wisconsin) 1979-81 (Sabbatical replacement)
Courses taught:Biol 100Topics in Biology (nonmajors)
 Biol 111Cells and Organisms (majors)
 Biol 202Applied Biostatistics
 Biol 207Nonvascular Botany
 Biol 208Vascular Botany
 Biol 300Studies in Biology - Scientific Photography (co-taught)
 Biol 302Desert and Montane Biology (co-taught)
 Biol 306Plant Evolution and Systematics
 Biol 407Plant Physiology
 Biol 422Plant Anatomy
 Biol 500Senior Seminar (co-taught)
 Biol 541Independent Study
Freshman advisor 1980-81

Associate Instructor, Indiana University, 1977-79 1981-83
Courses taught:L100Biology Lab (nonmajors)
 L105 Biology (majors) (Lead A.I., lecture and lab)
 Q201Biology Lab (for elem. ed. majors)
 B423Paleobotany Lab

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Southern Illinois University, 1975-76
Courses taught:GSA 115Biology Lab (nonmajors)
 BOT 201General Botany Lab
 BOT 320Elements of Plant Physiology Lab


Research Assistant (NASA), Southern Illinois University, 1973-75

Physiological characterization of the halophylic cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophytica including the composition and osmotic responses of pigments, cell walls, lipids, extracellular slime, internal carbohydrates and inorganic ions.


Undergraduate Research Assistant (McIntyre-Stennis), Southern Illinois University, 1970-73

Plant anatomical research on intra- and interspecific graft incompatibility in walnuts; involved field and greenhouse plant management, microtomy, histological staining, evaluation microscopy, and report preparation.


Research Group Director, NSF High School Science Student Institute, 1979, 1981



AFLP (LI-COR, Lincoln NE)

Scanning Electron Microscopy (JEOL)

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (Oxford)

Crystallography for Chemists (NSF)

Recombinant DNA Technology (Indiana University)

Techniques in Molecular Biology (Indiana University)

Ion trap detector (part of a novel GC-MS-DS system)

Remote sensing (Geosat Committee panelist)

Vegetation remote sensing (University of Michigan)

Laboratory instrument management systems (CIS-CALS)

Gas Chromatography (Beckman Instruments)

UV-visible spectrophotometry (Beckman Instruments)

Stable isotope methodology (Argonne National Laboratory)



Director, Instructional Technology and Research Support, 2000-2004, assured availability of a broad range of support services, from smart classrooms, instructional software support (e.g. Bb, Webmeeting . . . ), to support with preparation of posters, research databases, image processing . . . Chair, Department of Academic Computing Services, 1991-2000 - Manage staffing and budget, active participant in design of fiber optic/UTP based, campus-wide network (authorized designer/installer for blown fiber - Sumitomo Electric), University-wide Network (incl. frame relay and other modalities), Internet Services, Desktop/laboratories/classroom support, Strategic planning UNIX, HTML; Faculty Coordinator of Academic Computing,1989-1991, VAX (VMS), designed a VAX based academic computing system with LAN, acting system administrator, 1988-9, CDC (Kronos, NOS), PDP1100 series (RSTS), Prime (Primos), IBM (TSO, ISPF); HP1000 (CIS-CALS environment), SAS,SPSS statistical software, Arcview, Arcinfo . . . SAFE mapping package and various text editing, spreadsheet and formatting packages; IBM, HP, MacIntosh & other microcomputers.



Senator Scholar in Biological Sciences, 1969

C.C. Hall Award in Biological Sciences, 1969

Thesis Parts Appointment, Argonne National Laboratory, 1976

Indiana University Graduate School Fellowship, 1976-77

Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research, 1976

Floyd Fellowship, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983 (summers)

Indiana University Grant in Aid of Research, 1978

Indiana Academy of Science Grant in Aid of Research, 1979, 1983

Kentucky Academy of Science Botany Field Research Grant, 1982

Fletcher Jones Foundation Grant for Scientific Instrumentation,

(PI, w/ H. Good and R. Neher), 1987

NSF College Science Instrumentation Program Grant, 1988

(PI, w/ E. Ikenberry and I. Parchamazad)

Parsons Foundation Grant for establishment of a Central Academic Computing Facility, 1988

(network design, equipment specification and prime author of proposal)

Fletcher Jones Foundation Grant for Development of the Central Academic Computing Facility, 1990 (design, equipment specification and prime author of proposal)

Fletcher Jones Foundation Grant for an Endowed Chair in Biology, 1996 (prime author, with R. Neher)

NSF Connections to the Internet (Off campus integration Phase I), 1997

NSF Connections to the Internet (Off campus integration Phase II), 1998

Parsons Foundation Grant for Renovation of Laboratories (Phase I), 1998 (prime author)

Ahmanson Foundation Grant for Renovation of Laboratories (Phase I), 1998 (co-author)

Fletcher Jones Foundation, Innovation for a New Generation, 2002 (prime author, w/ H. Good and R. Neher)

Weingart Foundation, Innovation for a New Generation, 2003 (prime author, w/ I. Parchamazad)

Giannini Foundation, Innovation for a New Generation, 2003 (prime author)

W.M. Keck Foundation, Creation of an NMR Facility. 2005 (Co-author, Co-PI)

Fletcher Jones Foundation Grant, Creation of a Multifunctional NMR Facility. 2005 (Co-author, Co-PI)

Ludwig Family Foundation Grant, 2006 (Co-author, Co-PI)

Department of Education Title V STEM (Sci. Tech. Eng. Math.) grant, 2008 (Director)



American Chemical Society

Botanical Society of America

Indiana State Academy of Sciences

International Association of Wood Anatomists

International Organization for Paleobotany

Sigma Xi (honorary scientific research)

Southern California Botanists

Phi Kappa Phi (honorary scholastic)


Reviewed Manuscripts for:

American Journal of Botany

Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society

Botanical Review

International Journal Plant Sciences

IAWA Journal



Technical reviewer for instructional modules of the California Environmental Education Initiative (EEI)


Publications: A list of refereed journal articles, abstracts, presentations and other works is available on request.


Last Update: 11/9/08