University of La Verne

ULV Academy

Dedicated to Collegial Leadership in Research & Scholarship

The faculty of the University of La Verne established ULV Academy in spring 2006 to recognize the institution's outstanding researchers and to become an advocate for scholarship and publication at the University. ULV Academy's seven inaugural members were installed on April 28, 2006, each signing every other other member's certificate, completing the process of peer review and symbolically reiterating that only scholars can confirm the validity of scholarship. The seven founding ULV Academy members are Thomas R. Harvey, Professor of Organizational Leadership; Jeffrey P. Kahan, Associate Professor of English; Andrea Graubart Labinger, Professor of Spanish; John Linarelli, Professor of Law; Kenneth H. Marcus, Associate Professor of History; Iraj Parchamazad, Professor of Chemistry; and Jonathan L. Reed, Professor of Religion. Among them ULV Academy's seven founders have published nearly two score books and over 100 articles, most of the works refereed and several already known in their respective fields. Short scholarly biographies of ULV Academy's primier seven can be found in the Installation of Inaugural Members program.

The ULV Academy includes the University's recognized leaders in research, publication, and creative activity. Modeled loosely on national academies here and abroad, ULV Academy membership brings with it responsibilities to the faculty and to the entire University commensurate with the recognition and rewards that each member receives. In addition to electing its own new members, the Academy will meet on a regular basis where members will read and critique each other's work in progress. ULV Academy members will also hold writing seminars to assist other ULV scholars who aspire to publish in preparing their research for publication and placement. Most importantly, the ULV Academy will act as a symbol and as a promoter of research at the University of La Verne.

There is no application nor nomination process for Academy membership, although deans and others may suggest candidates to existing members. Academy membership is not restricted to tenure-track faculty, nor are select administrator scholars or recognized researchers among the long term part-time faculty excluded from being elected. The two distinguishing characteristics of members of the ULV Academy are demonstrated quality research (or creative work in art, music, photography, theatre, or other creative arts) and commitment to the University of La Verne.

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