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(Cool Cruisin' Connections Comprising the Complete Faculty Handbook --

1. General ULV Information | 2. Review, Promotion, & Tenure | 3. Benefits, Sabbaticals, etc. | 4. Beyond La Verne City Limits | 5. Responsibilities | 6. Academic Policies | 7. Other Policies | 8. Support Services | 9. Faculty Development | 10. Quality Management | 11. Faculty Governance | 12. Safety | 13. Emergencies | Index

  1. The SCOOP:
    General Information About ULV:
    Mission Statement | Board of Trustees
       History | Further Reading | Church Heritage
       Accreditation | WASC
       Nondiscrimination Policy
    Facts, Plans, and Statistics:
       Catalog (web copy of annual printed catalog)
          Courses Catalog (accurate to the minute; effective to the term)
          Personnel Section (FTF, PTF, FT administrators, and emeriti)
          Catalog Changes | Catalog Legal Status | Catalog Effective Date
       Fact Book (compiled annually using fall statistics on student, faculty, and finances of the entire University)
       Strategic Plan (new plan in making, 2006-2007)
       Campus Master Plan (for Main Campus)
       Common Data Set (compiled annually almost exclusively from traditional-age student data)
       Crime Statistics (for Main Campus and College of Law as required by statute)
    Faculty Information:
       Official PEPPIT Definitions of Regular Contracted Faculty, FTF, PTF, etc.
       Faculty and Administration Directory (full-time faculty and administrators plus current part-time faculty; degrees, bios, etc.)
       Faculty Web Space (every faculty member can develop one)
       Faculty Website (facgov -- password protected)
       Academic Calendars (web version of paper catalog, pages 5-8; 15-week and 18-week semesters and 10/11-week terms)
       Daily Event Calendar (lists every event that books a space, including meetings)
       Personal Calendars (web-based personal calendars available to all)
       Meeting Schedule (all faculty meetings with regular schedules plus special faculty events)
    Main Campus Map with Photos
    Art, Music, Photography, Theater, Natural History
       Concerts (faculty, student, and visitor recitals in Founders Auditorium primarily)
       Plays (student productions in Dailey Theatre and elsewhere)
       Carlson Gallery (professional photography shows with opening receptions on lowest floor of Miller Hall)
       Harris Gallery (student, faculty, and professional art shows with opening receptions)
       Tall Wall (professional art shows with opening receptions in Art & Communications Building)
       Jaeger Museum (top floor south in Mainiero building; includes complete Sabre Tooth Cat skeleton)
    Publications and Regular Releases:
       Campus Times (student newspaper published most Fridays during academic year)
       La Verne Magazine (student magazine published quarterly)
       Voice (alumni magazine published quarterly)
       "Academic News" (online newsbriefs about faculty and students from the Provost)
       "University Press Releases" (what the University tells the press about itself)
       "This & That" (in-house staff birthday list and personal ad flyer published monthly by ULV Graphics)
    Leopard Athletics
    Lectures, Important Gatherings, and Annual Celebrations:
       Convocation (welcome back each fall with lecture and President's State of the University)
       Faculty Research Lectures (informative lectures on cutting-edge faculty research)
    Hot Spots (formal presentation and lively discussion on a contemporary international issue)
       Town Meetings (once-a-term gatherings of ULV employees to cover major topics and concerns)
       Annual Service Awards (longevity and special awards; promotion, tenure, degree, and sabbatical announcements; every spring)
       Faculty Research Day (poster session plus, presenting research and creative works in progress; annually in fall)
          Faculty Research Day Brochures: 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009
       Faculty Book Day (recently published books are presented with a book signing; each year in spring)
          Faculty Book Day Programs: 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010
       Part-Time Faculty Workshop (annual gathering of PTF with FTF for workshops and department meetings)
       Commencement (each Memorial Day Weekend and January Interterm)

    PEPPIT (legally binding faculty personnel and ethics manual)
       Annual Faculty Growth Report & Plan Requirement and Form
       Reappointment and Non-Reappointment
       Third-Year Review
       Promotion and Tenure
       Responsibilities of the Dean and the Faculty Member
       Evaluation Criteria and Degree Requirements for Rank
       Time Line For Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
    Awards Program of Promotions, Tenure, & Sabbaticals: 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007
    Faculty Staffing Plan and key
    Part-Time Faculty Promotion (PEPPIT, Part IX)
       Complete List of active Adjunct Professors | Complete List of active Senior Adjunct Professors

    Rideshare Program (rideshare, bus, bike, walk to ULV; help yourself and the environment; get script to spend!)
       Discount Tickets | Bookstore Discounts
       Davenport Dining Hall
       Locker Room, Cardio Room, Weight Room, Gym Facilities, Track, and Pool (free exercise with fresh air)
       University and Community Atmosphere

    College of Law (ULV's ABA-accredited law campus sits next to Ontario's civic center)
       Religion Programs (offered in L.A. and Pasadena for the African-American and Latino communities)
       EPIC Program (A.A., General Studies offered at the Youth Correctional Facilty, Chino)
       Montana Field Station (167 acres at two sites for scientific research)
       RCA (Regional Campus Adminisration)
          Regional Campuses:
             CAPA | Central Coast | High Desert-Victorville | Inland Empire | Kern County
             Orange County | Point Mugu NAS | San Fernando Valley | Vandenberg AFB
             Ventura County | Education Programs
          RCA Sites (where classes meet to study specified degree programs):
             RCA Sites (complete) (Regional Campuses and their satellite classroom sites)
             RCA Education Sites (complete) (classroom sites for RCA Education programs)

    Curriculum Vitae need to be kept up to date in the deparment office and in Human Resourses.
       Annual Growth Report and Plan (PEPPIT requires each faculty member to complete a report and plan every year)
       Teaching Responsibilities (a clear syllabus with precise requirements is a must for students and faculty)
       Academic Advising (most faculty have advising duties)
       Library Development (the library will not have the materials faculty need unless faculty order them)
       Office Hours (please post your office hours next to your office door)
       Course Evaluations (course evaluations are available on MyULV 14 days before and 7 days after the end of the term)
       Orientation, Workshop, and Special Event Participation
       University Governance and Quality Management both would fail without strong faculty participation.
       Primary Employer Loyalty Is to ULV and Work Outside the Regular Duties and/or Outside ULV
       Workload (workload = 6 full courses per year)
       Overload Policy (no more than 2 overload courses per term/semester)

       Academic Freedom is detailed in PEPPIT.
       Syllabus Construction (good syllabi must be written with care and contain numerous essential points)
       New Program Guidelines and Budget
       Program Changes require approval.
          Program Change Cover Sheet
       Deletion of Programs requires care to meet WASC requirements.
       Grant Guidelines
       Educational Standards -- Grades
       Classroom Conduct | Unauthorized Class Attendance
       Freedom of Access | Improper Disclosure
       Academic Honesty | Combatting Plagiarism | Making It Harder to Cheat
       Directed Study and form
       Independent Study | Challenge | Audit
       New Course Proposals | Procedures | Form (interactive pdf if downloaded)
       Course Changes | Inactivation | Reactivation | Form (interactive pdf if downloaded)

    Main Campus Keys and Parking:
       Office Keys and Key Request Form
       Parking permits required on the Main Campus. (City parking permits where required are different!)
       Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA] (Student grades and other records are private.)
       Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (Formal provisions are made in courses for disabled students.)
       Privacy in the Workplace
       Protection of Human Subjects in Research (Any research involving human subjects must have IRB approval.)
          Institutional Review Board (IRB) | Guidelines for Submission to IRB
    Compensation for Overload and Part-Time Teaching:
       Overload and Part-Time Course Compensation Schedule | Online Course Compensation Schedule
    Reimbursement for Documented Expenditures:
       Travel Expenditures Policy, including Lodging, Meals, and Conference Registration | Expense Report Form
    Substances, Diseases, Crimes, and Behavior Standards:
       Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act | Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
       Communicable and Infectious Diseases
       Alcohol | Drugs | Alcohol/Drug Enforcement
       Pets | Smoking
       Sexual/Racial Harrassment | Sexual Assault | Hate Crimes
       Violence | Weapons, fireworks, etc. | Prevention
       How to Report a Crime

    Libraries: (reference consultation available 24/7 online)
       Catalog (LEOpac) (books, journals, newspapers, dissertations, etc., many online; your account; due dates)
       Link+ (4 million books, etc. to order online for delivery at Wilson Library; free service to user
       Faculty Services (reference, ILL, etc.)
       Research Paper Consultation (where students receive help in research from librarians)
       E-mail (All faculty and students have ULV e-mail accounts; all official communication is by accounts.)
          Application for ULV E-mail | Accessing ULV E-mail | Webmail Login
       Mail Services (stamps, express delivery, mass mailing, and more at ULV's Mail Room)
       Voice Automated Phone Book (Dial 6000 and say the name of the person; the system will dial the ULV extension for you.)
       Online Phone Book (All ULV employees are listed with extension, e-mail, office, class, title, and department.)
    Center for Teaching and Learning
       Blackboard (Blackboard is ULV's official course support software; all ULV courses automatically receive a Blackboard)
       Tutorials on Blackboard, Webpages,╩Email, Online╩& Hybrid Teaching Strategies, etc.
    Office of Information Technology (OIT):
       Help Desk (x 4130) (responds to all ULV technology questions; makes referals if necessary)
       Reserving multi-media equipment (x 4411) (smart carts, A/V, laptops, etc. for individual or classroom use)
          (use Daily Event Calendar for event A/V needs)
       Desktop Hardware/Software (desktop hardware is on a 3-4 year replacement cycle; software is constantly being updated)
       Smart Classrooms | Classroom/Lab Support (including Audio/Visual)
       Tutorials for using smart classrooms and equipment
       Computer Laboratories (some labs can be reserved for class use)
       Registrar Forms | Ordering Transcript | Academic Calendars
       Learning Enhancement Center (peer tutoring, skills development, help with writing, and more)
       Excellence in Writing Committee |
       Financial Aid (most ULV students are on financial aid, so this office is central to ULV's existence)
       Career Development Center (provides career guidance, resume workshops, etc.)
       Counseling Center (for non-academic issues of all sorts; located upstairs in Hoover; free to traditional-age students)
       Campus Ministry (provides programs, religious counseling, Peace Studies Program, etc.)
       Bookstore (Submit book orders on time to assure books for class. Books for all ULV courses are carried.)
       Campus Safety (security; transportion services; lost and found; door opening)
       ULV Graphics (full graphic services from layout to color printing)

    Grants and Applications:
       Faculty Professional Support Committee
          Conference Assistance Application for Full-Time Faculty (interactive form in Word) | Procedures
          Local Conference Assistance Application for Full-Time Faculty (interactive form in Word) | Procedures
          Publication Assistance Application for Full-Time Faculty (interactive form in Word) | Procedures
          Research Assistance Application for Full-Time Faculty (interactive form in Word) | Procedures
          Tuition Assistance Application for Full-Time Faculty (interactive form in Word) | Procedures
          Travel Assistance for Part-Time Faculty: Procedures and Application (To be eligible, PTF must (1) have taught at least 8 ULV courses, (2) be currently teaching at ULV, & (3) list ULV as his/her affiliation.)
          FPSC Expense Reimbursement Policy
       Faculty Research Committee
          Application | Guidelines for Major Grants | Guidelines for Research Assistance Grants | Guidelines for Course Releases
       Arts & Sciences Summer Research Grant Guidelines and Application
    Center for Teaching and Learning provides Faculty Certification for Online Teaching and assists with innovative technology in teaching.
    Faculty Awards and Recognition:
       ULV Academy
       Excellence in Teaching Award | Ellsworth Johnson Faculty Service Award
    Annual Recognition Ceremony
    Faculty Retreat:
       Faculty Retreat | Website | Committee

    QMS Manual (complete)
       Role of Part-Time Instructors
       Responsibilities of Academic Departments and RCA Directors
       The Quality Management System | Office of Quality Management
       Role of the Regular Contracted Faculty in Q.M.S.
    Rates for Performing Certain Q.M.S. Responsibilities
       Approved Part-Time Faculty
       Complete List of Collegial Reviews to June 27, 2007
       Part-Time Faculty Handbook

    Faculty Governance
       Faculty Senate | Faculty Assembly | Committees with Faculty Membership
       Academic Affairs Organizational Chart

  12. SAFETY: Hazards | Safety Organization | Safety/Disaster Preparedness

  13. EMERGENCIES: Injuries -- Work Related | Injuries -- Non-Work Related
    Emergency Evacuation Instructions

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